Switching on to ‘Digital’

by Yashika Agarwalla  

Whether you are browsing through Twitter, LinkedIn, Arcadis Intranet or watching a Marvel movie – you will always read about something related to ‘Digital’. Do you wonder what this is all about; have you ever longed to be a part of this phenomenon? If yes, I do have an answer for you. But, before revealing the secret, let me walk you through my ‘Digital’ journey.

It’s almost a year since I started my application procedure for Global Shapers 2017. Nothing about the entire Global Shaper journey from the application procedure, virtual phase, face-to-face phase in Kuala Lumpur to spreading the ripple effect has been anything short of extraordinary.

My Global Shapers Experience

Five days of brainstorming with 99 shapers and senior Arcadis leaders was quite an ecstatic experience. Getting involved with the Forward Digital team was the stepping stone towards being a part of the ‘Digital’ transformation. Our team focused on demonstrating Arcadis’ digital expertise by creating – JAMDots Beta, Interactive Customer Experience of a Smart Building and a 3D Building Model using Augmented Reality. These deliverables encompassed the four main realms of digital revolution – Data, Customer Experience, Ecosystems and Platforms. You know you are a part of something important when the Chief Digital Officer of the company, Julien Cayet, has taken the time to be with you. Hearing him speak the language of ‘Digital’ and share Arcadis’ strategy to provide the best customer experience, I was determined to move forward with the digital team.

Since the F2F meeting in Kuala Lumpur, our #ForwardDigital team continues to meet regularly to stay abreast with the ongoing digital transformation within Arcadis. It was during one of these meetings, when Julien had first mentioned about a new Lovinklaan funded initiative aimed at accelerating the digital transformation within Arcadis. He was looking for enthusiastic Arcadians to help with development of the program. Here I am, as a part of the Expedition DNA development team making connections with the Global Digital team.

Expedition DNA: Dare to be Digital!

Expedition DNA is an initiative designed to provide all 27,000 Arcadians with an opportunity to develop the skills to become more innovative and digitally-enabled. It fosters a digital innovative mindset to help accelerate Arcadis’ digital transformation.

Our journey begins with Base Camp. Base Camp is an interactive online learning experience to help everyone within Arcadis understand the digital opportunities within Arcadis. After having undergone this valuable online learning experience, you will speak the same digital language as your colleagues and you will be able to respond to digital opportunities. I can’t contain my excitement as we are getting ready to kick-off the Base Camp on May 28th.

After having completed the Base Camp, if you would like to go even further in the world of digital and innovation (which I’m confident you will), you’ll have an opportunity to apply for the Expedition. An Expedition is a 3,5-day face-to-face program with colleagues globally. This year, three Expeditions will be organized. An Expedition would be your chance to deepen your understanding and harness digital capabilities, such that ‘Digital’ becomes a part of our DNA. Whether you are an early career professional, in the middle of your career or a veteran – Expedition DNA is for every Arcadian who’s curious about digital or is looking for a career enriching experience.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to learn about all the various digitally-savvy things Arcadis has been working on – Basecamp is your chance to step into the game.

Join me in my digital journey and watch out for Base Camp as it goes live on May 28th.

Yashika Agarwalla                         

Water Engineer 2

Houston, TX, USA

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