Are you #FitforQatar?

Global Shapers of Generation 2016 are busy preparing for the face-to-face program in Doha, Qatar. In order to fully prepare for a 5 day -fully packed- schedule with a lot of different activities, we asked Global Shapers to take care of their physical well-being by being #FitforQatar!


Performing to the best of your ability requires determination, concentration, and good stamina. The face-to-face program therefore includes numerous sports activities. The most important benefit of working out? It improves your quality of life! That is why we introduced the Sport Selfie Challenge: Global Shapers share how they are getting fit for Qatar.


Since the challenges has been introducted, numerous of you shared their sport selfies! Great to see how everyone is making sure they will perform to the best of their abilities. Keep up the good work and keep sharing with the hashtag #FitforQatar!







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