Arcadis drones flying over Qatar!

07 April 2017

My name is Lorcan Caddick. I have been part of the Qatar Drones team for 4 months. We have 4 X 3DR Solo Quadcopter drones of which we operate in Qatar. We use the drones to scan, survey and inspect. We are able to capture high resolution images, quality videos and speedily build 3D models using the drones.

We have flown over super sites such as New Orbital Highway Contract 2 and Kahramaa Mega Reservoirs. Mega Reservoirs are the largest reservoirs of their type in the world. Our Microsoft Stream drones video channel has videos of two of the five Kahramaa Mega Res sites and one 3D model created using a technique called cross-hatch. A Cross-hatch is a method of drone surveying where we fly the same survey twice capturing the same images from different angles to produce a higher quality model.

You can find cool drone footage of those projects via this link: Once in, just sign in with your office365 details and then search for Qatar Drones. Enjoy!

We’re a very small team of 8 people. We deal with The Ministry of Interior on a weekly basis to gain flight   approvals in various areas across the country. We deal with Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority and Air Traffic Control almost daily to gain approvals to fly through controlled airspace such as private, military, danger and commercial. We have three certified drone pilots which are all recognised by Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority and International Civil Aviation Organisation.

The project is lead by the Infrastructure & Innovation team here in Qatar, continuously monitoring all the latest RPAS technology, keeping up with evolving camera equipment and flight rules, staying on top of the competetition. Arcadis is one of only two organisations in Qatar offering a drone surveyor service. While you can find other drones, most of them are for video purpose only while majority do not carry camera equipment and are solely recreational. Arcadis Qatar Drones can offer services ranging from site photographs and promotional videos taken at heights of up to 400ft above ground level; building inspections; volumetric measurements of stockpiles; 3D models; construction progress tracking and safety provision by reducing personnel working at height. Please feel free to contact myself or any of the Arcadis Qatar Drones team should you require any more details.

– Lorcan Caddick