‘Collaboration was our key to success!’

28 November 2017

Rebecca Chan, November 28, 2017,

It has been over a month since the closing ceremony for the Face-to-Face (F2F) part of the Global Shapers program at Arcadis. Global Shapers started this summer through working online with some of the other 98 Shapers selected from across the world within the company. The Virtual Phase composed of assignments that started conversations about personal awareness, Arcadis and this year’s theme, #sustainability4impact. This Phase had its strengths in the team members and challenges including the timezone differences.

Working in a global team…

The strengths of a global team was further exemplified during our F2F. We had three days to develop our ideas and presentation of our deliverable to the Malaysian office, the Asian Executive Board and fellow Shapers. Along the way, my #FuturePerspective team had the guidance from our sponsors, Joost Slooten (Director Sustainability and external affairs) and Julien Cayet (Chief Digital Officer), and our workflow coaches, Cecile Cluitmans (Lovinklaan foundation) and Jane Garnett (Regional head L&D Asia). This was a period with empowering collaboration, exposure and awareness.


Collaboration was our key to success!

We created our own ways of working that suited us best as a global team. Of course we struggled initially before understanding what worked most effectively for us. We learned on the go what were hindrances, what were people’s strengths and I in turn better understood my own capabilities. This exposure in a tight time frame was an opportunity to learn about how a team builds. Passionate ideas about our topic on sustainability were bounced off each other in a refreshing way because it made me become more aware of our cultural and personal perspectives and differences. Along with our passion, these were our strengths as we created working ideas. We were exposed to the visions of Arcadis from Peter, Stephanie and Julien and to be a part in realizing some of these visions have been empowering as well.

In the end, I believe all of us have transformed our ideas and ourselves into one #GrandeFinale. I am grateful to have worked with Jess, Claudia, Kody, Armina, Erick, Nick, Nick, Owen, Diarne, Sue, Sami, Jon, Thomas and many others throughout the program! Let us continue with the #rippleeffect around the world to spread our ideas and energy.