First Spirit Shaper of Generation 2016

Spirit Shaper 1_Rand
As we all are anxiously waiting for June 30, some future Global Shapers will find out a bit sooner! We selected 10 Spirit Shapers, one from each region. A Spirit Shaper made an application that was extraordinary in format and/or content.

Our first Spirit Shaper is Rand Alkhatib from the Middle East! Curious to see how we surprised her? Click here.

Rand Alkhatib about being part of Global Shapers Generation 2016: “Being young in a young city does not expose one to how processes in other places were thought of and implemented. Hence, I was very much passionate about the Global Shapers program and I truly wanted to be one. At first, I had so many ideas roaming around my head, but I chose the one I relate to mostly, the one I thought would really benefit the client and our service delivery. How I applied my idea was simply by being myself, direct to the point in addition to some creativity. And then, here comes Iron Woman.”

Her original application can be found here. Stay tuned, 9 more Spirit Shapers to go!

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