2021 in Review – Cecile Cluitmans

20 December 2021

Looking back on my first year as Chair of the Board of Lovinklaan, I feel incredibly proud of the resilience demonstrated by Arcadians, our Foundation and its programs. Despite continued challenges and uncertainties brought on by the ongoing pandemic, we managed to provide Arcadians with the resources and opportunities to learn and develop, all the while continuing to support each other and our communities. From providing online Expeditions to deploying a series of COVID-19 recovery community programs – we continued to connect, invest in, and inspire Arcadians across the globe.


This year, we welcomed Marc Kefford, representing Australia. His experience as Urban Development Regeneration Manager and unique perspective are a true asset to the Board.

Furthermore, over the summer, we deployed our 2021 Employee Survey to gain a deeper understanding of Arcadians’ knowledge of the Lovinklaan Foundation and gather insights to further improve our programs and understand how we can better connect with Arcadians. Nearly 2,000 respondents participated in the survey and provided us with valuable input we can use towards ensuring we offer inclusive programs that allow Arcadians the opportunity to better connect and share key knowledge with one another.


We have seen some incredible progress in digital adaptations of Lovinklaans programs, such as the launch of Expedition DNA’s completely virtual Expeditions and the Quick launch Imagine Awards. Additionally, Local Sparks organized a brilliant COVID-19 Recovery program to improve the quality of life for communities affected by the pandemic. I admire the way these programs have continued to evolve as they invest in equipping Arcadians with the right tools and capabilities to unlock their full potential.


2021 has really proven that we are able to drive change and enable Arcadians to work towards reaching their full potential. Different countries are dealing with unique situations when it comes to measures – therefore, as a global organization, it is admirable how our programs have managed to stay connected and adapt to promote inclusivity in an ever-changing world.

Considering all that we have accomplished together in these uncertain times, we know one thing is certain: by staying connected, involved, and committed to each other, we can make the best out of any situation, wherever in the world we are located. We will carry this spirit into 2022, where we will continue to make an impact for Arcadians and our communities around the globe.