A Day in the Life of Marco Foo

21 July 2022

Meet our board member, Marco Foo (Kai Meng Foo), Treasurer for the Lovinklaan Foundation. Marco joined the Board in 2019 and has been with Arcadis for almost nearly 10 years – working across various locations in South-East Asia and the UK. Check out the Q&A below to find out what inspired Marco to join the Board of Lovinklaan and how he balances working across countries and time-zones.

What inspired you to join the Board of Lovinklaan?

I strive to surround myself with people who offer different perspectives, as I feel that’s the best way to learn and grow in both a professional and personal sense. Life is all about learning, and when you surround yourself with people who have different life experiences and viewpoints, it can truly enrich your own life and make you more rounded as a person. By joining the Board of Lovinklaan, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work alongside a diverse group of people from around the world, allowing me to gain valuable insight into different cultures.

You have now been at Arcadis for almost ten years – How do you apply your expertise from your Arcadis role as Executive Director at Arcadis Consultancy in China to your role as the Treasurer for Lovinklaan (or vice versa)?

As a Cost Management leader at Arcadis, I have had an opportunity to cultivate a great understanding of numbers, index and control measures that enables me to play the role of Treasurer in the Board of Lovinklaan. Overseeing the task to keep track of our expenditures and identify potential uncertainties prior to becoming a risk is a challenging role yet fulfilling role. However, I could not do it alone – I’m incredibly lucky to have the support of my fellow Board members, as well as the Chair of the Board and Secretary.

What lessons can you share with us from your experience working in various countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Macau?

While things may not always turn out as expected, it’s important to pay attention and enjoy the previous moments along the journey, because time flies so fast. Even when I look back on some of the more unpleasant experiences, I now realize it may have been a “blessing in disguise”.

How do you balance working with colleagues and board members across various time zones and cultures?

I find so much value in working with colleagues from all over the world – we are constantly learning from one another. It’s unlike any experience I’ve had before, and its truly inspirational to have such a unique team to work with.

When it comes to the time-zones and balancing my work with Arcadis, I’ve yet to find a perfect way of overcoming this challenge. However, I do find it helpful to count the hours I spend on specific tasks to help me stay in track. For example, if I spent a couple of hours on my work as a Board member, I record it make sure to find time to make it up to my colleagues.

What aspirations do you have for Lovinklaan in 2022 and beyond?

Since I joined in Q3 2019, four new Board members have been introduced. I am proud to say that since then, Lovinklaan has continued its path towards aiding in the development of Arcadians while ensuring the continuity of the business – despite a number of unforeseen challenges. There’s a lot to look forward to, but if I had to choose I would say that I am most excited about the launch of our re-designed Quest program!