Virtual ambassador Martijn Karrenbeld: ‘Working with the Global Shapers energizes me…’

29 August 2017

Martijn Karrenbeld Chicago,  August 21
Another day in paradise: Working in an inspiring new Arcadis office with a beautiful view on Lake Michigan. 
So, let me introduce myself. 23 years with ARCADIS, around 10 + different positions and nowadays I am leading the Global Sector Chemical & Pharmaceutical (global client development). Last week in Chicago I had meetings around our Strategy planning for 2018-2020 for all our Global sectors and Big Urban Clients (BUC) . BTW we did see the Eclipse last week….
This week I will be catching up with Global Shapers team Aristotle, the team where I am the virtual ambassador. Working with the “Aristotlers” energizes me and also gives me a major learning curve on how our future leaders are thinking, acting and bringing new thoughts and insights. Aimee, Camia, Carla, Claire, Kok, Malvika and Matthew are doing a great job!
Future leaders I mentioned.. I am hoping that the global shapers have the ambition going after my job and that is also one of the reasons why I became an ambassador. Client development is a core need to organically grow our business. CD is a mature career path in our organization. Inspiring you and helping you to find this path is what I enjoy doing. I want to help you making your next steps by utilizing my experiences.

The topics sustainability and digital are well chosen and related to the market trends in our sectors and client needs. I am looking and hoping for great innovative outcomes which we can directly bring to our clients. Especially in the world of digital: “In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish.”
Global shapers: Get out of your comfort zone, be yourself, challenge yourself and your team members, give all you can and more, make a huge network in the short timeframe as it will benefit you for life and overall have respect to all the people you will learn to know !  The outcomes will but GREAT!
See you all in KL!
Left: Martijn
Right: Jim Ford (Global Director of Client development