I have a confession to make…

I have a confession to make: I underestimated the Global Shapers power.

When the program was launched in 2016, they started sending us some challenges like a game before the application period. I’m challenge motivated, so I was in even before I really thought about it. I wasn’t the challenge winner in the Latin America region (Cheers to Tamara Montes), but I felt like I was a winner because I finished successfully all the puzzles. Have you ever felt proud even when losing a game? It was my first time!


Next, we had the application period in which the theme was so broad and with endless possibilities that it was really hard to talk about my ideas in just one minute. I knew a lot of people would apply for the Global Shapers Program and I had to submit my application on time. So, I understood how important collaboration is to the program, like in my daily routine.

After my approval, I was waiting for a slack period until Face to Face. Of course, I was underestimating the program again. We had a nonstop interaction with our virtual team and my buddy by e-mail, Skype and Whatsapp. Assignments pulling on our face like popcorn all the time. And an important point: English is not my native language, not even is considered as a second language in my country. I used to wonder that my English was enough, but I needed to review my concepts and work harder than before. For this, I would like to thank my virtual team (Robbe, Nyima, Nelson, Nora, Rand and Philip) and my buddy (Tom Triffitt) for their help all the time.


Now, the big challenge has come: Face to Face in Qatar! 17 hours, a lot of movies and snaps after, we arrived in a new country with huge cultural differences… and I felt in love. I didn’t expect such a wonderful place. So, I underestimate the program one more time.

Me and the others GS from Latin America, arrived before the program kick-off and we were welcomed by a kind group of colleagues from Doha’s office (Jill, Manette and Donna). They drove us around the city and showed us amazing things and places. We also befriended with a falcon (not too much).

When the program began, in fact, I could meet awesome-skilled-bright-smart people and, finally, I met my virtual team colleagues.

joyce 2

It was incredible what we got to do in just 4 days. The involvement and energy from everyone was amazing! More than once, I went to sleep after 3am. Some people didn’t sleep. We had just one goal: to deliver the best results as possible!


I’ve been part of the Mentor Program and Grand Final groups. In the Mentor Program, I was so happy, because I could see engaged people building a really useful program, thinking about what really would work for them, something that they would be really interested to be part of. For me, used to work with employees development programs in Brazil, it was a new breath, showing how positive it is to bet on our employees’ growth. Despite my experience on this theme, I preferred to listen and watch to understand what those people thought about a mentorship program. I think I have never been so quiet for so long in my life! In those days’ I learned a lot about the different views and how everything can change, depending on each region in the world. It was breathtaking.

On Grand Final, I saw people just pulling a rabbit out of a hat, taking brilliant ideas from nothing, people building an airplane (literally)! How encouraging it was to hear “Hey, do you need any help? How can I help you?” all the time. People vibrating each small win and supporting you when your charge is low. Engagement, Collaboration, Client Focus and Sustainability at the same time and in the same place. We delivered the most incredible results that anyone could expect; we surprised ourselves and our clients. We got it!


I would like to thank all the involved people: The brilliant GS from Arcadis and Ashghal, the transparent and accessible Executive Board and the organizing team that, once again, changed more than a hundred lives and I’m proud to say that I’m part of this changed group. I’m a Global Shaper!


Joyce de Camargo Silva

Global Shaper: Generation 2016

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