“We have got to make a move”

18 August 2016

Everything starts from a disposition of the heart. What do you want to wear? Where do you want to go? What do you want to be professionally? What is the mark you want to leave in the world? These multiple questions surround us daily and to answer each of them, we have got to make a move.

Choosing to apply for the Global Shapers was the first move. At first, the thought of competing with the world for a chance to get in was intimidating, but as I shared my application video and my desire to participate in the program, all the words of support and encouragement from my family and friends turned the intimidation into good expectation and then into rapture when I knew I was in.

Being gathered together for 5 uninterrupted days with other 99 brilliant young professionals, the organizing team and the team’s ambassadors, each of them with their personal background, experiences and ideas to share, collaborate and to create one final result, was a huge experience beyond professional. We had a whole lot of hardworking and sleepless nights, but we also had the kind of laughs that make your cheeks and stomach hurt and lasting friendship bonds.


The biggest takeaway from Global Shapers 2015 to me was getting to know what the global company is and learning that Arcadis is made up of great people who are willing to come together to achieve some great deliverables. Even in a short amount of time. To sum up, if you want to be an agent of change in your environment, you have step out of the box, leave your comfort zone and dare to make a move. Speak up! Try different! Light a spark! Ripple the effect!

Personally, I was able to achieve my own goals of expanding my network, being part of something that can positively change people’s lives around me, making new friends, work in a multicultural workplace, getting to know a new country and bringing back the ripple effect to my home country. All of this, thanks to the will of my heart to dare new moves and to reach new experiences.

Where does your heart point to? What are the moves you want to make? It all starts from a disposition of the heart.


Guilherme E. Santos

Global Shaper – Generation 2015

Arcadis Brazil