Arcadis GEC Manila Newsletter: Global Shapers

The GEC Global Shapers are shining! Last week the second issue of Wildfire, the Arcadis GEC Manila Newsletter, was released with an article about Global Shapers. In this article, the GEC Global Shapers shared their story and experience so far – including a great group picture.


“I believe that learning is not confined within the walls of the office. Working with people of different nationalities and culture fosters personal and professional development. Thus, when I learned about Global Shapers during my job interview, I knew right then that I wanted to join. “Road to Global” (pre-application challenge) was both fun and nerve wrecking, for I had to complete the game as fast as possible, battling it out with hundreds of people. Through the game, I got to meet and work with other Arcadians as well. When I heard about the results, I was so excited and happy that I got a Golden Ticket for GEC Manila, as this year was my first and last chance to be part of the Global Shapers program.”

– Raemart Karl Espiridion, Global Shaper: Generation 2016


Curious to read more about RK, Philip, Ana, Dan, Gigi and Jet? Click here for the Wildfire article!


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