Imagineers: The man who has no imagination, has no wings!

IMG_2252Imagineers provides 20 young Arcadians (per editon) the opportunity to connect, reflect and learn during  a 7-month program. The program takes place face-to-face at four different locations in Europe and in a virtual Yammer community.

I couldn’t imagine that I would receive an email with “congratulations, you are one of the first Imagineers!” What is Imagineers? Why do I get this email and what are their expectations? A lot of questions that came through my mind. Now, 6 months later, I don’t regret participating in this program. The Imagineers program gave me more insight in who I am, who others are and what kind of company Arcadis is. It made me spread my wings more and ensured that I can fly more on different levels. Like Mohammad Ali says: “the man who has no imagination, has no wings!”

 IMG_0525Meetings all over Europe
We were a group of 20 Arcadians from all over Europe, the Kick Starter of the program was in the Netherlands. In 4 days we intensely worked with each other and got insight in who we are. The MBTI intake was the starting point of the program. Are you an E (extraversion) or an I (introversion), are you a F (Feeling) or a T (thinking)? Everyone got his own letters and we used it for analysing and evaluating the situations we got into. I can’t tell the situations we got into, because that is a surprise for the next generation Imagineers.

After the Kick Starter we had a Deep Dive in Belgium, the E-factory in Germany and the Kick Forward in France. The energy was amazing. We had a lot of learning goals and the most important learning goal was to exceed your comfort zone. We helped each other doing that. During the program you get the chance to discover your talents and challenges and share it with the group. A lot of questions came by during the program: Who are you? What are your characteristics? How do you anticipate in projects and with other people? What is your role in a team and in different scenarios? Are you aware of your impact? How do you make contact? How do you present yourself and how do you communicate with colleagues and clients? You get answers to these questions during the program.

IMG_1826What did it bring me? Well, I got more confident, got more aware of my talents and my role in projects. And the most important thing is that I learned what my impact is on people and in teams. One thing is for sure, I will continue to share my positive energy and enthusiasm!

Imagineers is a perfect platform where you get the chance to do things you normally won’t do. And the most beautiful thing is that we all respect and help each other. We will stay connected, that I know for sure, because we are Imagineers!

Başak Karabulut, consultant, Arcadis the Netherlands, “Arcadis Imagineers – Group 1”

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