GS2018: The Interview Blogs – #SustainableCities Lauren Cavender & Megan Klar

14 November 2018

The Interview Blogs highlight the experiences of Global Shapers: Generation 2018, the workflow coaches, executive and senior leadership team members, and a board member from The Lovinklaan Foundation. The #ShareTheStory team interviewed these individuals with specific interview questions geared towards their unique experience during the face-to-face program, October 13 – 17, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Today, an interview with Lauren Cavender, Global Head of Brand & Content Strategy and workflow coach for the workflow #SustainableCities, and Megan Klar, Global Shaper of Generation 2018 and workflow captain for the workflow #SustainableCities. 

How did you get involved with Global Shapers?

LC: I have been highly involved with the Big Urban Client program with my business colleague John Batten, who is leading this year’s theme and is heavily involved with all different types of city and urbanization initiatives. It was a natural linkage to get involved with the global shapers.

Why is #SustainableCities important to you and Arcadis?

LC: #SustainableCities is a large platform for, and all aspects of urbanization fit in a #SustainableCities theme – from a people social aspect to an economic profit aspect to an environment aspect. Even talking about mobility or resiliency, all of it fits into #SustainableCities.

Tell us about your #SustainableCities workflow.

LC: I’m super proud of them. They have all stepped out of their comfort zone. Although we are a smaller group, we are a power house. And I’m so thankful to have met each and every one of them. They are a great team.

Tell us about your #SustainableCities workflow.

MK: #SustainableCities workflow is working on connecting people to city profiles that have been developed in the Sustainable Index. We are creating a quiz that people can take and find out what city they should live in. It will also give them more information about the Sustainability Index and where their city result falls within that.

How do you feel about working in a multi-cultural environment?

MK: Working in a multicultural environment has been really impactful because its great to see the different viewpoints of all the people around us. It’s been fun just to connect and talk about silly things like language and words that we all use.

What needs to happen to make Global Shapers a positive experience?

MK: We should keep a positive experience going by open communication and dialogue with everyone. The more that we can communicate and collaborate on these different workflows the better it will be.

What’s the one thing you want other people to know about Global Shapers?

MK: First thing I want people to know is that Global Shapers is a lot of fun. It’s been great to just interact and talk, hear the inspirational speeches and have fun at the same time.

The Interview Blogs were powered by the #ShareTheStory workflow and the blog interview team, including the Shapers that were virtually present at the f2f program.