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My Quest Experience

Kavi A went on a Quest experience from the GEC India to the UK.

Why did I apply for a Quest

Very eagerly awaiting for this opportunity, it will help me in day to day work, since I am the focal point of contact for Operational Assessment from (Arcadis GEC Bangalore, India). My visit will support me to have a better understanding on my client requirements which will help me in delivering projects to the best if my potentials. This will also enhance my knowledge sharing capabilities between my counterparts in lead office. I will take this chance for enhancing my skills and build strong bond between lead office and other GEC offices.

Highlight of my Quest experience

Quest has given me opportunity to visit Warrington, Guilford and London was an very good Experience to meet our mates in Lead office, I have very much impressed with the mates in lead office in-spite of their busy schedule they have shared their experience with me. apart from learning as a transport planner I would like share my bicycle ride experience in London, I have taken a bicycle from docking center had a chance to ride central London busiest street without much trouble in peak hour. I couldn’t compete with racing cycle’s there but it was a pleasant ride inspire of heavy wind. Finally, I would like to thank Quest, Nico & Amit Bohare without them it would have not possible

My Quest in one word

Best ever!

Learnings and experiences I will apply to my day to day work

I will apply my knowledge on operational Assessment software’s such as VISSIM Junction8, VAP & COM interface etc.

Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation. Learn more about the Quest program: world. Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation

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