‘Even if you do not know it, believe me, you are already a Global Shaper’

Tomasz Adach

Even if you do not know it, believe me, you are already a Global Shaper.

I work with my colleagues at Arcadis France and we are acting in “the one team” spirit. We are co-working with GEC from Romania or Philippines. We are exchanging our professional experience with our colleagues from Europe, States, Australia or Hong Kong and our teams are placed on projects in many other countries. Most of my office colleagues are foreigners like me, moved from their own countries to another to experience something new or to see the world from a different point of view. Even if they have the French passport, they are from different cultures and religions, listening and watching different stuff or spending their free time in a different way than I do. What is the point?

I believe this entire situation is not only about the job. We are doing it because we want to learn from each other at each point and constantly. Therefore, we look beyond the horizon, we decide to go abroad, or we find enough time and motivation to do more than our environment asks us to do. Finally, that could be why we chose Arcadis. I believe that the Global Shapers program is a platform where we can really meet each other and crystalize our ideas that we already have in us and to change the World.

Do you know what glocalization is? If not, I am quite sure you understand what it means to think global and act local. In that case you are not so far from understanding glocalisation. Let me just recall what Encyclopedia Britannica tells us about it: “glocalisation [is]… simultaneous occurrence of both universalizing and particularizing tendencies in contemporary social, political, and economic systems.”

Great, so how does this translate to being a Global Shaper? I believe it is the same thing and if you will follow my reasoning you could find the same conclusion. If not, I am very keen to hear what you think about it.

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