The Sustainable Hero, congratulations Thomas de Groot!

From all applications for Global Shapers: Generation 2017, Thomas de Groot has been selected as The Sustainable Hero of generation 2017 by Joost Slooten (Global Director Sustainability and External Affairs). This means Thomas has officially been pre-selected to participate in Global Shapers: Generation 2017. Congratulations Thomas!

This is why Joost selected Thomas: Thomas understands long term value creation is helped by more intense and longer term client relationships in which co-creation (our trademark way of working) can yield larger societal and environmental benefits if seen as teamwork with all stakeholders. He shifts us in a more forward looking role, beyond just design – into fulfilling the ambition of an urban orchestrator. His program versus project view aligns well with how we look at big urban clients, so he also links it to an important part of our growth story.” 

Curious how Thomas reacted when the good news was announced? Watch it right here!


Curious how Thomas’ application looks like? Watch it right here!



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