Global Shapers: Astonishing and Exceptional

Hologram Video SnapshotARCADIS Global Shapers, as how generally perceived it, is an opportunity to gain knowledge, personally develop, share experiences and create a global network. But what’s really fascinating about the program is that these chunks of learnings and experience can already be gained as early as the application period starts. Realizing this while doing my application, my desire to become part of the Global Shapers program elevated.

The application stage presents a lot of facts about ARCADIS. This year’s theme has three parts: Past, Present and Future. Here’s my experiences in each of the application legs:

The Past: I learned the history of ARCADIS, its global presence and the market sectors the company is involved with. I suddenly realized that my previous knowledge about my company is just a tip of an iceberg.

The Present: Awareness and complete understanding on the current strategy of ARCADIS was provided and I am able to relate it to our local business line. Additionally, I am already able build a global network by connecting with the Global Shapers alumni.

The Future: I was able to give insights on what our passion means to me and share what my passion is. This is also the portion where applicants were challenged to make a communication update as CEO of ARCADIS assuming it’s already 2030.

Richard Dean Morales photoAstonishing and Exceptional. The words that are all over my head after knowing what the application challenge is for the new generation of ARCADIS Global Shapers. Those are the adjectives that I need to incorporate in my application to make it to the cut.

To accomplish that, I travelled to some parts of Manila to acquire inspiration and ideas. Looking for an element that would make my communication update professional in a most very creative way possible with a futuristic touch. And then I passed a movie corner and one of my favorite characters, Tony Stark (Iron Man), swiftly pops in my head. Then, I just mumbled to myself, “Holograms!” This idea exactly fits to what I aim for my video. Luckily, tutorials on how to implement it are all over on YouTube and I was able to finish the video just like how I imagined it.

After the application, there are huge uproars from Global Shapers applicants across social media platforms. Products of creative minds can be seen everywhere. It also became a good opportunity for us to expand our global network as we are able to connect with each other and share our experiences.

A few days after the application deadline, I suddenly received an e-mail from the organizing team notifying me that I got selected for Global Shapers: Generation 2015 and my application will take part on this year’s Application Battle by virtue of being the most original applicant in ARCADIS Asia. It was really a very defining moment to me. What’s more thrilling is that my acceptance in the program obtains recognition from the management in our region including the Asia Leadership Team! It was really nice to be in direct contact with them and to receive their encouraging words. That time, I was really happy knowing that my fruitful journey to Global Shapers will finally start.

In addition to my awesome experience, there was a kick-off call that is full of eagerness and enthusiasm the day after the top 100 applicants were announced. We were given a high level overview of the program and I’ve been able to meet (virtually) the many faces of ARCADIS Global Shapers. Anyone could tell how diverse the participants are and how excited everyone is.

We’ve been divided into virtual teams where we will work on challenges. I became a member of the team called SparDef logo-14ta Sally. This is my very first time to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. And after learning that each of one us are achievers, I got more excited to interact with them because I believe that working with this great people will give me a wider perspective on how to see the world and the challenges around me.

As of now, we successfully started as a virtual team. We’re not even halfway on our journey but it’s already rewarding. The more reason why I’m looking forward for more significant amounts of learning I can gain from the program as we continue to work on the challenges and prepare for the face to face meeting. Up ‘til now, the same words still going on in my head pertaining not only to the application, but what Global Shapers is. Astonishing and Exceptional.

Richard Dean Morales, ARCADIS Asia, Global Shaper 2015


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