This marks the start of a great learning journey

Hello everyone, I’m Liang Lingxiao, a Global Shaper 2015 from Arcadis Singapore office. After finishing the interesting and challenging application phase, my Global Shapers Journey started with the three months virtual preparation phase. During the virtual preparation phase, I teamed up with Ali, Jordan, Roman, Kate, Mahendran and Maggie who are from various time zones in the world. This marks the start of a great learning journey.

We were guided and supported by the Global Shapers Organizing Team to complete three assignments in the three preparation phases where we had roughly one month time to gather information and discuss. Our team held Skype meetings weekly to discuss and review progress, so that we were confident to submit good results before the deadlines. We all come from very different cultures, education backgrounds, business lines etc. During this process, I learnt a lot about different businesses within Arcadis understood how a great team can perform and generate new ideas.

We also had the opportunity to talk to some AGLF members during our preparation phase on Engagement, Arcadis Passion and Value. I really appreciated the help and support from Mr. Peter Madden, Mr. Vree Renier, Mr. Simon Light, Mr Simon Randall, my AGLF buddy Mr Taam William and all other AGLF members. We received great help from the AGLF and organizing committee to get to know information and understanding from senior positions on Arcadis passion and value. All these conversations formed the basis of our team discussion and made sure our discussions were aligned with the Arcadis passion and value. In the end, it was the most important foundation of our deliverables in the Golden Journey.

The experience of working in such as dynamic environment with a truly global view is the most beneficial learning to me. I got to know and understood Arcadis in a global spectrum and developed a truly global network that is very helpful with my work. All the Global Shapers are still active on various Arcadis platform like Yammer, Arcadis TV (great episode by Kate Francis!), etc. It is evident that we are creating a ripple effect globally.

In Singapore office, we have Jacqueline of the Global Shapers Generation 2015 as well. Several Global Shapers shared and met up with the management team to update on the deliverables that we created in the Golden Journey. The “Road to Engagement” board game has been very successful in Singapore office, which has been played during management meetings, team meetings and GS sharing sessions. We also communicated with the Singapore HR team on how we can take the “Mission Possible” engagement toolkit into the current employee onboarding and recruitment program. We’ve submitted nine videos in the first round of Global Shapers sharing to the “Pass the Passion” committee. As we are having the Generation 2016 application at the moment, we are spreading the word about Global Shapers in Singapore office to get more people to understand and get more engaged to improve the quality of life and be recognized as the best! Go! Global Shapers!

Liang Lingxiao

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