The digital revolution in Arcadis Brazil

Camila Sayuri Vasconcelos Shibata, April 4th, 2018

Digital transformation is no longer just a theme in films of science fiction, it is happening right now and Arcadis Brazil is striving to deliver digital solutions to its clients. Besides being a necessity, the digitalization helps to contribute in offering more quality to our services.

The digital revolution is being inserted mainly in the projects of infrastructure and environment. Currently, thousands of hectares are being mapped with the help of vants and thermal cameras. The imaging allows the control of land use and the generation of socio-environmental risk indicators. The use of neural network techniques is allowing the predictive modeling of land use. With the help of these tools, time and money are saved during project development and clients are increasingly satisfied with delivered products.

Still in the context of the environment, high definition geological models have been generated with the aid of drones. Overflight in contaminated areas allows 3D terrain modeling, as well as the creation of virtual and augmented reality environments. Map-making is increasingly automated through basic scripts generated in map drawing programs. With regard to data storage, optimization codes were created, allowing automatic visualization of drillings and monitoring wells. All the analytical data of the environmental projects are being compiled so that the access is made through dashboards, optimizing the processes and assisting in the decision making.

In the area of infrastructure, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is revolutionizing the construction market. In addition to the 3-dimensional modeling, the tool has the ability to align a series of data produced by professionals from different areas. What was once a series of sequential operations has now become simultaneous, allowing decisions to be taken in the light of the analysis of the impact on quantities, costs, deadlines, production strategies and logistics.

We know that much remains to be done, in 2016 we were taking the first steps towards the race for the digital revolution. However, we remain satisfied as we create positive impacts on our clients and we are committed to adding more and more value to our products, enhancing people’s quality of life.

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