Application tips from Global Shapers alumni

GS2015 finale
Global Shapers is back! Five lucky Arcadians already managed to win a golden ticket to the program. Other Arcadians who want to be part of the unique experience can apply till June 1, 10.00am CET. Having trouble with finding inspiration for your application? No worries, we have some tips for you from Global Shapers alumni!

“Be creative, think out of the box and highlight the things that others should really know about you.”
Serena Zuidema

“My tip is to be original. Don’t make a video or poster that is cliché or expected by the Organizing Team and the rest of Arcadis. Do something spectacular and test your creative limits.”
Kari Bishop

“Be creative and focus on what you have to say. That’s the most import thing.”
André Trafca

“Use your strengths to highlight you personality in the video. For example: act, dance, play guitar, sing, talk, etc.”
Rameshwari Bhoyar

“Try to be distinctive and surprising, use your imagination and creativity, have fun and be more personal in your application! :-)”
Richard Dean Morales

“Read the question early to brainstorm how are you going to answer it (if you plan to apply but haven’t click the link, DO IT NOW!). Put yourself in their shoes to think of a solution (IMAGINE the result!). Think of what skills you have (eg. photography skill, video editing, cooking, rapping, etc.) and put it in the most creative way you think you can to present your solution (GOOD LUCK Global Shaper Generation 2016!)”
Jacqueline Huan

Good luck with your application!

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