Looking back at 2022 – Cecile Cluitmans

As we wrap up 2022, I look back with pride and gratitude at what was my final year as Chair of the Board of Lovinklaan Foundation. Thank you for making it a memorable journey. It has been a privilege to take part in this inspiring organization over the last six years, and I am confident that it will continue to flourish in the coming years.


2022 was challenging in many ways for businesses, societies, and the world, especially in light of the war in Ukraine. But Lovinklaan has remained resilient. After extended periods of virtual-only interactions, we eased into hybrid ways of working this year. We held staff presentations during our Board visits to Arcadis offices in Seattle, Portland, and Bangalore, as well as CRTKL in Seattle. We also held global webinars and local webinars in France, Australia, and the United States. Each of these meetings allowed us to interact with Arcadians to receive valuable input that we can use towards ensuring we offer inclusive programs for Arcadians to better connect and share key knowledge with one another.


This year we added a new module to Expedition DNA and launched a neurodivergence accessible Base Camp. Over 21,644 users registered for Base Camp and the Virtual Expeditions saw the highest overall program satisfaction scoring to date. Local Sparks saw an increase of 15% in registered users and the program is estimated to have impacted over 12,500 community members. Our Shelter program successfully completed 8 missions with one ongoing. Additionally, engaging over 1,300 Arcadians in 11 workshops, Shelter saw its highest workshop involvement so far. We also hosted 3 workshops for over 120 participants with the Help Ukraine Task Force, and we gathered input on how to update and re-design our Quest program, which is planned for a re-launch in Q1 2023.


The 2022 Board has been the most diverse in the Foundation’s history. However, we still have a lot to learn when it comes to diversity and inclusion. At our Board meeting in the United States this July, we had important conversations with the US Black and LatinX task force. Through these meetings, we gained further perspective on the topic of racial diversity and equality. The Board will therefore continue to work towards increasing diversity and inclusion, addressing representation, and using local languages when appropriate.

Looking ahead

In the new year, Lovinklaan will continue to launch new programs, and as Arcadis expands its business with the acquisition of IBI and DPS, the Foundation is excited to engage with new Arcadians and inform them about Lovinklaan’s mission and programs.

Our Roots of Arcadis (ROA) program, which has been operating steadily since 2017, will now continue to grow and thrive under Arcadis. Lovinklaan had been functioning as an incubator to finance and expedite the program, and I would like to thank the ROA program managers for ensuring it is established enough to be overseen and funded by Arcadis. Local Sparks too will continue to develop under Arcadis after Lovinklaan’s 3-year incubation period comes to an end.

My sincere congratulations to Nora Taylor, who will take over as Chair, Zakiya Seymour, who will now serve as Secretary, and Marco Foo, who will continue to serve as Treasurer in the coming year. I have full faith in the team and in each and every Arcadian; together we will make 2023 another year to be proud of.

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