Ripple Beyond: how to bring the resounding GS energy back home?

Parisa Shahbaz

I am a Global Shaper: Generation 2017 from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Here is my tip for using the Global Shaper experience to create a ripple effect in your local region.

When I first thought about how I might create a Ripple Effect back home, my focus was on the deliverables that we created during the Global Shapers program. While these deliverables are very important and must be shared, I realized that I was overlooking another immensely valuable contribution to the success of the program: the work environment. The resounding energy, motivation, and productivity that enabled us to generate such high-quality deliverables was largely due to the ways that we collaborated and communicated with one another.

My tip is to reflect on HOW you accomplished your program goals, rather than solely focusing on WHAT you accomplished.

Practices that stood out for me were the daily Stand Up and Retrospective sessions as well as the Wow Wall feedback mechanism. Taking time at the beginning and end of the day to clarify intentions, evaluate progress, and reflect on accomplishments or roadblocks is a common practice in field work job briefings that has underrated value in an office setting. These daily opening and closing assessments can be conducted individually or as a group, depending on the circumstance. Having a fun way to let others know the positive impact of their contributions, such as leaving notes on a Wow Wall, increases gratitude and appreciation for others while providing motivation to do one’s best for the greater good. And it leaves tangible reminders of the positive impacts made.

Using the Ripple Effect to spread best practices like these will help us to embody the Arcadis Cultural Behaviors of working as one team, valuing each other, delivering on our promises, bringing our best, and shaping our future.

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