The first Global Shapers: Generation 2015 experiences

22 julio 2015

IMG_5707WHY CAN’T I WORK THIS OUT?! That was my reaction while trying to crack the code that kicked off the application process for Global Shapers: Generation 2015. It was clear after a while that I wasn’t going to be a Golden Ticket winner and I’d have to be content with waiting until the official application period opened on June 1.

Once June 1 rolled around, it was application time and I quickly realized that there were very tight word counts for the written responses, which meant I had to spend some time considering how to best get my point across. Once the written responses were out of the way it was movie making time! I’m not sure the CEO I portrayed in my video would last in the role for very long (always disappearing to the beach) but it was fun to film and I got some good feedback which was a bonus.

The kick-off call for Global Shapers: Generation 2015 was a bit of a blur. 100 people from around the globe joining the video call from their living rooms or offices, some looking like it was too early (US) and some like it was too late (Australia) was amusing to see. Without a doubt the most exciting part of the kick-off call was learning where the face-to-face portion of the program would take place. I’d heard rumours about the Netherlands, Berlin, Dubai and Singapore and I was hoping for anything outside Australia (don’t get me wrong Australia is great but let’s see something new!). When we learnt that Rotterdam was our destination, I was pretty excited, I’ve never been to Europe and the possibility of taking in some sight-seeing time once the face-to-face sessions wrap up is something I’ll be looking into!

IMG_5690_2Since then it has been all about preparing for the face-to-face portion of the program and completing virtual challenges within our assigned teams. Our virtual challenge team, ‘The Sally Spurs’, had our first video call yesterday with Shapers from Asia, Europe, UK and North America on the Google Hangout and based on our first catch up there are going to be some great ideas coming from the Spurs!

So far so good, there is still plenty of work still to be done but I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone before some good times in Rotterdam!

Sam Withers, GS2015, ARCADIS Australia