Blog – Gaining water sector experience in Australia

03 marzo 2017

My Quest Experience

Krzysztof Kutek went on a Quest experience from Poland to the Gold Coast, Australia.

DSC_0473Why did I apply for a Quest

The reason why I applied for the Quest program was in order to increase my knowledge in water management projects in other parts of the world, mainly in Australia. The main Quest objective was to gain experience in the field of acquire projects and project management in the water sector. As the Gold Coast, Australia is located at the ocean (with an enormous beach) it was the perfect location.


Highlight of my Quest experience

The highlight of my Quest was definitely the opportunity to participate in meetings with our Australian clients. During these meetings we presented them my own ideas about certain projects that I have been working for. With the exchange of experience in the area of acquisition of clients and projects if was definitely an addition to invest in the client relation.

My Quest in one word

Great experience and amazing Aussie colleagues!

My learnings and recommendations

My learnings of this amazing Quest experience was really getting to know the full Australian experience! And in addition to this it was great to have the new projects ideas presentation to potential clients, which was amazing. I would definitely like to try to implement this in my day-to-day work and future business contacts. The openness to new ideas, the people, the colleagues and the use of Arcadis international experience is very important in the water business development in Poland, which I’m responsible for. I would recommend others to meet as many people as possible in your field of expertise, share & gain knowledge and make best out of the trip.


Quest is an international transfer program which connects Arcadians from all over the world. Quest is sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation