It’s show time (show time), Show time (show time), Guess who’s back again?

Claire Superak, January 24, 2018

A full two weeks after I left for Global Shapers, I returned to my office in Clifton Park, New York on Monday, October 23rd. From that moment forward, it was show time! Armed with my newfound Arcadis fame, the paparazzi’s flashing cameras were a lot to handle…

Okay, that’s an exaggeration; it was more like a frequent “Hey, you’re back! How was it?” As an ISFJ “Defender” (I- Introverted, S- Observant, F- Feeling, J- Judging), I am generally more reserved, and this attention was a bit overwhelming! The most common question I got (from my fans) was “So what happens next?” That was a good question; I was planning to grab a cup of coffee and tackle the emails that piled up while I was away. I let a week slip by playing catch-up on my work, but then I knew it was time to start rippling!

Moment of truth: my ripple effect really took off when I was “voluntold” (antonym of volunteer) to present at an upcoming all-staff meeting on short notice. Of course, I wanted to share my experience, but the nudge from my office leader got the ball rolling! Prepare a presentation for tomorrow? No problem with our customizable template! (Thanks #Branding Team!)

Less than a week after I delivered my internal office presentation, I got a call from Amy Dant, the ANA Communications Director, which led to giving a presentation about #ArcadisCulture alongside Joachim Ebert, our CEO! Fellow Shaper Vicki Chou and I sat alongside Joachim and other ANA Executive Team members on the Q4 ANA Town Hall Call. A few weeks later, the four Water North America Shapers presented about each of the workflows on our Business Line All-Hands Call. That’s three presentations in just a two-month span, quite a few for an ISFJ!

I am not a particularly confident public speaker (yet!) and Global Shapers has certainly challenged me to take some leaps. I am learning to speak from my heart, and to not overthink presentations, but at the same time, I’m realizing that a few thousand people have heard me speak about Arcadis Culture.

When I heard the pitch for #ArcadisCulture on the first day of the Face-to-Face program, I knew that was where I belonged. An ISFJ strength is an enthusiasm that can evolve into strong dedication. During Global Shapers, I fueled my enthusiasm for redefining and strengthening #ArcadisCulture from our network of Shapers who voiced their honest concerns, shared their personal stories, and most importantly believed in the potential for improvement. Now, each time I share my Global Shapers story, I become more convinced that Arcadis can stand out among competitors as a great company. Our people are excited for change – and this change is resulting from Global Shapers!


My Ripple Effect Tip: Share your experience to inspire your colleagues; their reactions can energize you in return.

…..… and don’t let the fame go to your head!

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