Thank you Generation 2016!

11 noviembre 2016

After five intensive days in Qatar, Global Shapers: Generation 2016 has come to an end – for now. More than 100 Global Shapers, from both Arcadis and our client Ashghal, met each other after months of virtual collaboration. Together they worked on three different tools to further strengthen client focus and presented the results to the President of Ashghal and the Executive Board of Arcadis. Here are a few highlights of the Global Shapers: Generation 2016 experience.


Ashghal and Arcadis

We were honored by the presence of our biggest client in the Middle East: Ashghal. Ashghal is the Public Works Authority of Qatar. Three young professionals of Ashghal joined us during the virtual phase and face-to-face program, in which they provided us with their client perspective. They immediately became part of the ‘Global Shapers family’; this week would not have been the same without them.




Working in different workflows

The face-to-face program of Global Shapers had no formal agenda. Global Shapers were able to choose from different topics to work on; workflows. That way, they felt engaged and resposible for the end result. They set their own agenda by simply sticking a post-it with their name on it to the agenda wall.




Highlights and fun activities

The Global Shapers experience started with an optional project visit to one of Arcadis’ projects in Qatar: the KAHRAMAA Mega Reservoirs. An unique opportunity for Global Shapers.



One of the highlights of Global Shapers was meeting Mary Ann Hopkins, Stephanie Hottenhuis and Stephan Ritter, three members of the Executive Board of Arcadis. They discussed client focus, the future of Arcadis and personal leadership. Afterwards, the Global Shapers and Executive Board went on an unforgettable evening Dhow tour including great food and good conversations.


Another highlight was a desert safari in Qatar. Were you aware that, to be able to drive in the desert, you need to make sure that the tires of your vehicle need to be slightly deflated? Due to a decreased pressure in the tires, the cars have a better grip on the desert sand and become more stable to drive. But this did not stop the drivers from swerving the cars around the dunes like spaceships! An amazing experience.


Grand Final

The final results of the different workflows were presented during the Grand Final. This years Grand Final was all about making connections. The Grand Audience consisted of the President of Ashghal, the main sponsor from Ashghal and the Executive Board of Arcadis. Local colleagues from Arcadis and Ashghal were also present, and of course all the Global Shapers!

Ready for take-off? #ALL_ABOARD!






Tools from Generation 2016

Global Shapers: Generation 2016 finalized three client focus tools:

  1. The Client Passport – the Client Passport sustains organic growth and enhances profitability by ensuring a consistent client approach and connecting our people with our clients. Global Shapers contributed by producing an engaging client video and creating a differentiation statement.
  2. Horizons Mentor Program – to strengthen engagement and collaboration, Global Shapers from both Ashghal and Arcadis worked together to develop a Mentor Program that supports different generations to connect and learn from each other. The result is the e- magazine Horizons Mentor Program.
  3. Social Media Success Stories – to position Ashghal and Arcadis as attractive employers for young professionals and focus on positive storytelling, Global Shapers: Generation 2016 created a tool that enables both Ashghal and Arcadis to share success stories that are happening in the company. It is time to #ShareSuccess!




It’s a wrap! We enjoyed every minute of it and Global Shapers will share their experience across all Arcadis offices around the globe. Be part of our ripple effect: the program is not only about Global Shapers, but about all Arcadians worldwide. For those who would like to see more of Global Shapers: Generation 2016, have a look at the video about their experience in Qatar.


If you want to be part of Global Shapers: Generation 2017, make sure you keep in touch via the website and social media. For now: thank you Generation 2016!