G is for Global

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Imagine if you put all the people in the world in one place. It seems impossible, but it’s happening right now. This year’s Global Shapers come from Europe, the UK, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and, for the first time, Australia. Some of our shapers share their reflections on global collaboration and how far this journey has brought them.

“I wasn’t aware of how diverse our company was and the presence we had around the world, but it shouldn’t matter where you come from in order to be one with our passion. People always talk about differences because they make you stand out but actually we should focus on what we have in common. We are all the same. Although we are on different sides of the world, we all work hard and face similar challenges.”  – Becky Marshall, Arcadis UK


Schermafbeelding 2015-10-05 om 12.01.18 Going to the Global Shapers program gave me the opportunity to be outside of the Philippines for the first time. When the cold wind brushed my face as I stepped out of Schipol Airport, I came to realize that I am indeed far from home. Walking around Amsterdam, I can’t help but admire how clean the streets are, the canals don’t give off a foul smell, and the transportation is so efficient. It makes me want to have the same things for my country. Being a part of this journey makes me more committed to improving the quality of life for all, especially back at home.”

Jumar Calapre, Arcadis Asia


Schermafbeelding 2015-10-05 om 12.01.12“I regularly deal with people of different nationalities especially since I am working in the Global Excellence Design Center, but the diversity and dynamics in the Global Shapers was totally different. Here I was able to talk to people from around 21 countries. Exchanging each other’s culture was a fun learning experience. I was able to share how beautiful Philippines’ beaches and mountains are. At the same time, they were able to share with me facts about their country such as tradition, common personalities, and food. Nonetheless, given these differences, everyone shares and understands this one language, which is SMILE.“

Carol Ablaza, Arcadis Global Design Center Manila

The Global Shapers venue is a microcosm of cultures. Despite the vastly different places from which we all came from, we found that we all hold close to us what it means to be a Global Shaper and an Arcadian and we live out the values of Arcadis in our work. Global Shapers embodies all that is Arcadis, taking local knowledge to a global platform.

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