From Global Shapers to Bright Ideas Generation at GEC

03 diciembre 2015

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-03 om 10.32.17“I’m really happy to share with you that you have been selected as the best application out of your region and you have been nominated to join this year’s Application Battle.” I had to read this line five to six times before the fact that I was a Global Shaper sank in. I was ecstatic to be in a group that comes together to be a part of change.

The Virtual Phase
I was in team “Sparta Sally” with a very enthusiastic and helpful ambassador: Julien Cayet. As with all the teams, we came from different backgrounds and different time zones; that was our first virtual challenge- to get everyone together at the same time. I thought the virtual challenges were designed in a way that every team perceived it differently; it gave us lot of space to be creative and to have fruitful conversations. Our team started working very early but we always ended up finalizing the deliverable on the submission day. It was something that I looked forward to. There was always an excitement to see what the next challenge was going to be. Personally, I liked virtual challenge 2 the most as we got the opportunity to connect with some of the greatest and most experienced minds in the company. Our team made a point to connect with all the Global Leaders assigned to us; it gave me a perspective of where I stand and what I need to do to go ahead in my career. My personal buddy was Graham Reid, Global Design Director. It was interesting to learn about his story and how he grew in his career; he was encouraging and frank in the conversation we had.

The face to face program
My first international trip to Europe! It couldn’t get any better than that. It was an adventurous journey with lost luggage, delayed flights, and a failed plan to explore Amsterdam, but as we came out of the airport and the cold, fresh air hit my face, it wiped out all the worries, panic and fatigue from the journey. The face to face meeting was everything I expected and more. Providing us with the freedom to choose the workflow we wanted to work in and having the option to change it each day, was one of the finest ways to bring out the best in everyone. Meeting new people, listening to them talk, learning their backgrounds, their work and their ideas was stimulating. We were 100 highflyers who had different paths but were aiming for the same goal. Having come in the top 3 of the ‘application video battle’ I had the added bonus opportunity to “Meet and Greet Neil McArthur” which was enthralling. Two other Shapers and I had a chat with Neil and got firsthand experience of how a leader should be. After learning in a session not to lean in, not to lean out, but to remain relaxed and not make faces while talking to a leader we were ready for Rotterdam!

The Global Shapers Show
Schermafbeelding 2015-12-03 om 10.32.06The atmosphere was electric. I felt that the AGLF members were as excited for the show as the Global Shapers. It was the show where our ideas were going to get a kick start. The results of our virtual challenges and workflows were presented by Global Shapers and it was applauded by all the AGLF members. I was excited to hear from some of the Global Leaders that they were planning to work with GEC’s. It was a great opportunity to make connections and learn from them. Overall a magical night is how I would describe it!



The Ripple Effect
In GEC India we are planning for the roll out of the Road to Engagement Board game sessions, inviting GEC India Leaders and colleagues to engage. Luke Dimond and I presented the experience of our journey in all three GEC offices. We have also started the Pass the Passion movement by nominating two people, one from GEC and one from our teams overseas. During the Global Shapers show we connected with Robert Allan, Managing Director-GEC India who was very impressed with the program. He is very keen on taking the learning forward with us and creating a ripple effect, thus together we came up with “B.I.G-Bright Ideas Generation”.

Schermafbeelding 2015-12-03 om 10.31.58B.I.G
We have selected seven Arcadians across GEC India, to form a group with Luke Dimond, Robert Allan, Soundaria Laxmi, Head of HR India Management, and I. This group is to present Arcadian ideas generated from our colleagues directly to the management team members and implement the selected ones. Selection was based loosely on the Global Shaper selection process. Members are from different teams and offices thus ensuring a diverse group which will help us get a broader perspective of where we want to improve and where we are already doing well. It is formed to #Engage the employees at the very initial stage of their career with the company and give them the opportunity to be a part of some B.I.G.

Global Shapers made me feel rejuvenated and #Engaged with the company. I made some really good connections and friends throughout the journey to LEAN ON. It was an experience of a lifetime which gave every one of us something to take back home and cherish!

Rameshwari Bhoyar
GEC India