Local Sparks

Social Impact Movement

Local Sparks is the newest program sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation, together with KNHM Foundation and Arcadis. This program is all about building an ever-growing movement together with socially engaged Arcadians by connecting over 200 community projects run by Arcadians from all over the world.

This program gives you a unique opportunity to:

  • Get involved in (local) community projects or start your own!
  • Grow your project and expand its impact through (financial) support, provided by the program’s sponsors.
  • Take your project further by joining the Challenge or Accelerator and uploading your own community engagement project.
  • Get inspired by some of the great work your colleagues are doing around the globe through community engagement projects.
  • Build partnerships with like-minded Arcadians and advance your career
  • Become part of our Social Impact Movement.

More information or join the Local Sparks Challenge?
Visit the Local Sparks platform for more information, and to share your stories or get inspiration about existing and new community engagement projects within Arcadis.