04 April 2023

In mid-March this year, we had our first in-person Board meeting of the year in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are delighted to share a brief recap of the meeting and the topics discussed. 

This was a meeting with quite a few firsts. We were thrilled to have all Board members present for the first time in three years and especially grateful for Marco Foo making the trip all the way from China. This was also the first Board meeting for Sophie Plantinga, our newest member, since her joining at the beginning of 2023. 

We had the pleasure of visiting the Arcadis office in Amersfoort and presenting updates on activities and initiatives. We had dinner in Amsterdam with Arcadis CEO, Peter Oosterveer, and Jacoline van Blokland, Chief People Officer at Arcadis. It was a pleasure to see them in person as well, and although it was in an informal setting, we used this time to discuss future opportunities for Arcadians and explore how they can benefit from Lovinklaan programs.  

Promising updates on our programs 

“These are exciting times for the Lovinklaan Foundation as we celebrate the successful completion of some of our programs and launch new ones with even wider reach to all Arcadians. This is a period for celebration, reflection, and renewed commitment to our mission of empowering Arcadians and supporting their growth. I’m proud of the hard work and dedication of everyone involved and look forward to the many great things to come.” – Maricel Atienza, Board Member

As we gear up to launch new programs, we unanimously recognized that this is a critical stage for their success. And so, at our Board Meeting we took a comprehensive approach in reviewing various aspects of the projects, including technology platforms, program schedules, budget, and communication plans.  

As a major shareholder and incubator, we have increased our investment in programs that will enable the growth of Arcadians. In the coming months, there will be quite a few exciting announcements about some of our existing programs as well as new ones. For example, the voting for the Imagine Awards People’s Choice Awards has been opened and the Shelter Program Team has been preparing for support missions to Nairobi, Kenya and Amman Jordan that are planned for this year. We will continue to share official announcements on the key elements and application process for each of these programs. 

As always, the Board meeting in Amsterdam was certainly productive, engaging, and provided valuable opportunities for networking, learning, and future collaboration. We look forward to working on these opportunities and continuing to support all plans that are aligned with the vision and purpose of Lovinklaan.  

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