Board Meeting Wrap-up | June 2023

05 July 2023

The Lovinklaan Board, brimming with enthusiasm, recently embarked on an exciting journey to Toronto, Canada. This face-to-face meeting held immense significance as it allowed us to reflect, strategize, and cultivate collaboration with the newly welcomed Arcadis IBI Group. The opportunity to connect with our esteemed colleagues from AIBI filled us with gratitude and paved the way for fruitful discussions and meaningful exchanges. 

The biggest highlight was the Hybrid Townhall Presentation, where we had the pleasure of engaging with both AIBI and Arcadis Canada employees. This platform allowed us to emphasise the unique aspects of Lovinklaan and showcase the value it brings to all Arcadians.  

We communicated about Lovinklaan’s purpose, which is to promote the continuity of the Arcadis business and invest in Arcadians by incubating programs that empower them to reach their full potential and drive meaningful change. We also had the opportunity to showcase inspiring examples of the positive impact created by our programs. We were glad to see how these were received by our new colleagues from AIBI and can’t wait for them to actively participate and contribute to our shared mission! 

“The Toronto Board meeting marked a significant milestone in Lovinklaan’s ongoing commitment to fostering growth and collaboration. The purpose of this visit was to extend a warm welcome to the IBI Group as they join our organisation and to explore opportunities for further engagement. The Foundation is poised to propel all Arcadians – new and old – toward even greater achievements.” – Marc Kefford, Board Member  

As the Lovinklaan Foundation, we are energised by the discussions and outcomes of our Toronto Board meeting. Stay up to date with our latest announcements by following our LinkedIn account!