Skills-Powered Organization – our new journey begins…​

14 March 2023

Keeping up with the pace of technology and adapting to change while remaining responsive to the specific needs of every Arcadian has been challenging us to think differently. We want Arcadians to have access to more opportunities, learn new skills, build experiences and thrive at every step of their career. 

This is why we’re preparing for the future and powering Arcadis to become a Skills-Powered Organization. The Lovinklaan Foundation is proud to invest in a program that has been designed to help all Arcadians recognize and better understand the skills they have and build a broader range of future-focused skills.

This program will give Arcadians access to learning and growth opportunities in their own areas of interest and connect them to new experiences based on skills – skills they already possess and those they would like to develop further. This will provide better visibility to uncover hidden talent and align that talent to project and client needs in a data-driven, equitable and transparent way. In turn, we’ll amplify our efforts to improve diversity across the business.

What does this mean for Arcadians?

As Arcadis continues to scale and grow, it is important to enable Arcadians globally to connect to learning and opportunities to support their ongoing growth and development. A focus of the first phase of our journey to become a Skills-Powered Organization will be to enable more guidance and transparency around career paths and globally consistent access to learning opportunities to help Arcadians realise their career aspirations. As part of our investment in enabling realisation of our skills vision, Lovinklaan are supporting the launch of the Arcadis Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to provide access to diverse learning content across multiple skills. 

In future, as Arcadis shifts towards becoming a Skills-Powered Organization, there will be a range of additional changes in the way we work and operate that will positively impact the employee experience. As we define what these will look like we’ll keep our people informed.

Feedback or queries?

We’ll share regular progress updates as we move forward. If you’d like to share feedback or get involved please contact Program Leader, Hugh Ragg. For queries, please contact Hugh or Global Capability & Workforce Readiness Director, Amy Baxendale.