Introducing Sustain Abilities – Empowering Arcadians to deliver sustainable outcomes​

15 May 2023

Introducing Sustain Abilities – Empowering Arcadians to deliver sustainable outcomes

Sustainability isn’t new to Arcadians. With a history dating back to 1888, when the company helped transform unusable wetlands in the Netherlands into prosperous land for people to live on and build communities, sustainability remains a key consideration across many of our solutions and projects, and a core part of the business strategy.

Many Arcadians have shared that sustainability is one of the key reasons that led them to join the company. However, the meaning of sustainability and its practical application can vary widely among employees. Amidst a rapidly changing sustainability landscape, clients are taking greater interest in this topic. The results of recent internal surveys and audits also indicate an increased appetite among Arcadians for programs that put greater emphasis on sustainability.

As the major shareholder of Arcadis, we identified this as an opportunity to help equip all Arcadians with a common language, understanding, and tools around sustainability. The result is a new central training called ‘Sustain Abilities’, designed for all 36,000+ Arcadians to get informed, equipped, and empowered on sustainability. 

Lovinklaan is proud to power this new program which is led by the Global Sustainability and Capability Development teams at Arcadis and built on the hard work and expertise of SMEs across the business.  Sustain Abilities builds on the best trainings available across the business, both internally and externally, in a single, easy-to-use place in the new Arcadis LXP Learning Experience Platform. 

No matter what someone’s role is, whether they work with sustainability every day or are curious to learn more, this training is a common jumping-off point for integrating sustainability into everything we do.

How does it work?

Designed in a simple and customizable format, the Sustain Abilities training modules will provide every Arcadian with the opportunity to invest in their own development and understanding of a topic that is front and center of everyone’s mind. The primary focus of the modules includes understanding the different levels of sustainability, key themes, engagement with clients and stakeholders, and risks and lessons surrounding greenwashing. Through feedback and dedication, Arcadians can shape their own learning journey, use their knowledge to better engage with clients and deliver sustainable outcomes for projects. 

Currently, there are four modules available on the Arcadis LXP Learning Experience Platform. But exciting times lie ahead! Additional modules are scheduled for rollout later this year, focusing on tangible topics such as “sustainability in projects” and “carbon and net zero”, among others. 

Curious to know more? 

We will share regular progress updates as we move forward. If you’d like to read more about the program, click here