Quarterly Board Update: Board member Giuliana Netto on the quarterly board meeting in Tampa

14 October 2019

The board of the Lovinklaan Foundation meets every quarter to discuss program developments and strategy. After the meeting one of the board members updates you on the outcomes. This time, it’s board member Giuliana Netto who shares her thoughts on the gathering held in Tampa this summer. Giuliana is also a Project Coordinator in Brazil.

“I am Giuliana Netto. Together with Marco Foo, I have been appointed as new board members of the Lovinklaan Foundation. Lovinklaan is a foundation that has always spoken to me and so being able to promote its success to other Arcadian is an opportunity I am very enthusiastic about! Marco and I cannot wait to meet you and hear more about your Lovinklaan experiences in the coming years. If you want to get to know us a little bit already, watch our introduction vlog below!

The board meeting in Tampa was our first one and gave us the opportunity to connect with 50 Arcadians, made up of both local staff and leadership. They made sure that we felt very welcome and gave us plenty of engagement opportunities. What was especially great to see is the pride with which the Tampa office is performing their outstanding work. In particular, we were very impressed by the amazing social impact of their projects.

Digital & Innovation

Prasoon Sinah taught the board about Arcadis North America’s approach on digitalisation and its implementation into their daily work, by elaborating on local practices in ANA. The success of the Satellite program and how it led to new applications in the local business, was one of the key take-aways of our meeting in Tampa.

Right now, Horizon 1 contains an increasing number of projects and Horizon 2 consists of   small initiatives, regarding alternative business models. We still see the need of global digital business models: other business models than time and material, and a need for more business intelligence.

Finally, we discussed the state of play of our digital transformation and all the initiatives around it. We recognized the need for more communication, in order to bring everything together. In other words, we see that Arcadis has a lot of things going on, but the dots still need to be connected for universal comprehension.

Board updates

Both Nick Bellew and Cecile Cluitmans were appointed for a second term to the Lovinklaan Board. However, as Nick Bellew was appointed as CFO in the UK, he therefore, unfortunately, will have to step down as a Lovinklaan board member. He will be completing his last term at the end of this year, and we are in the process of finding a replacement for Nick’s position. We would like to congratulate Cecile on three more years in the board, and Nick on his new challenge as CFO.

The Lovinklaan Foundation – the largest shareholder in Arcadis – is led by employees of Arcadis. The board currently consists of seven Arcadians from different divisions and countries around the globe. They balance their day-to-day workload with their responsibilities for the Foundation; contributing to the continuity of the enterprise and helping Arcadians grow and reach their full potential. In addition to work on Foundation programs and communications by e-mail and multiple Skype calls, the board meets face-to-face each quarter to discuss developments, make strategic decisions and meet local participants.