Lovinklaan Foundation celebrates their 40th anniversary

23 March 2022


It feels a bit strange to write this celebration post while there are so many terrible things happening around the world. It is very heartwarming to see Arcadians offering their support to help the people of Ukraine and we welcome the work of the Help Ukraine Taskforce.

Our 40th Anniversary

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the Lovinklaan Foundation – an incredible milestone that we are proud to share. Over the last 40 years, Lovinklaan carried out its unique responsibility as an employee-led major shareholder for Arcadis N.V., with the mission to protect the organization while empowering Arcadians to reach their full potential and drive meaningful change. To provide employees with opportunities for personal and professional development, Lovinklaan uses the dividends from shares to initiate and fund programs which are carefully selected and designed to meet the needs of Arcadians, contributing to their growth. The Board of the Foundation is made up of Arcadians from across the globe, ensuring regional representation is present within the Foundations leadership.

As a major shareholder of Arcadis, Lovinklaan also acts as an incubator for the creation and development of programs for Arcadians. In order to help get a program up and running, Lovinklaan often kicks off and supports the acceleration of new programs with Arcadis. As of 2022, Lovinklaan is responsible for 6 programs geared towards improving the quality of life and professional experience of all Arcadians, regardless of seniority or job function. Even amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, Lovinklaan’s programs have adapted to continue to help Arcadians grow. These programs are Expedition DNA, Local Sparks, Shelter, Roots of Arcadis, Quest and Imagine.

The year ahead

This year, Lovinklaan will be increasing its investment in its programs as we continue to work towards providing inclusive and relevant opportunities to Arcadians across the globe. We are already setting our sights on where these additional funds will go – for example, we’ll be doubling our investment in Expedition DNA over the course of 2022 and 2023.

In the year ahead, we will also continue to provide Arcadians with opportunities to give back to their local communities, through the Local Sparks program, or lend their skills to find solutions for global urbanization, through Shelter. Expedition DNA will also continue to offer Arcadians the opportunity to grow their digital capabilities, while Roots of Arcadis will continue to provide a platform to connect. Also, we are always keen to hear Arcadian’s innovative ideas, which can be, for example, submitted in our Imagine program. Our knowledge sharing program Quest is also being redesigned to become fit for the post pandemic world. Additionally, we will fund a new program fully focused on the sustainable future and sustainable skill sets of Arcadians.

We are proud to show you our rich history over the coming year as we celebrate 40 years of Lovinklaan. Arcadians are at the heart of our Foundation, and we will strive to continue to provide opportunities to empower them to reach their full potential and drive meaningful change.

Help us commemorate 40 years!

Have you participated in a Lovinklaan program and would like to share your memorable experience and/or moment? Please reach out to us on info@lovinklaanfoundation.com


Warm regards,

Cécile Cluitmans on behalf of The Lovinklaan Foundation