GSP participants invites to vote for the AGMS

As a shareholder of Arcadis and participant of the Global Share Plan, you are entitled to vote at Arcadis’ Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on Tuesday 24 April 2018. The formal convocation notice, the agenda with explanation and annexes are available on

Lovinklaan Foundation kindly encourages you to exercise your voting rights, as important substantial changes will be submitted for consideration. Among these are the change of leadership structure (proposal for discussion), and the composition of the executive board and appointment of Ms. Sarah Kuijlaars as CFO (proposal for resolution).

In order to enable you to vote in an easy manner, you will have access to an online voting system of ABN AMRO. By online voting you authorize the vote collector to vote on your shares according to your instructions. Please use this link to go to the e-voting website to vote your shares:

In a separate email you will receive a password to be able to login.

Please note that you can only vote for the total number of shares (several share plans), you held on the Record Date, being March 27, 2018. We must receive your instruction at the latest April 17, 2018 at 5pm CET in order for the vote collector to be able to cast your vote.

In case you prefer to attend the AGM in person instead, please use the same link and click on the ‘Attend’ button. You will receive a registration certificate that serves as proof of entitlement for admission to the Annual General Meeting.

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