Lovinklaan Foundation Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary!

Did you know… Lovinklaan is the largest shareholder of Arcadis and has the ambition to positively impact the professional development of every single Arcadian with the dividend of the shares. That means we invest in you! Behind the scenes, as you are working hard each day, we are working hard to ensure that you have access to a wide variety of programs outside your day-to-day work—opportunities that empower you as an individual.

Lovinklaan is celebrating 35 wonderful years of designing programs that benefit you. With this anniversary, it is time reflect on the journey and milestones achieved, and look forward to an even brighter future.

Lovinklaan is also marking this special anniversary with the launch of its refreshed brand: a unified look and feel that will help you easily recognize Lovinklaan programs and better understand how they can support you and all our people, Arcadis’ most valued assets.

We proudly present our new logo:


The new logo represents an organization that laid the foundation for Arcadis and cares about its people and their growth in a powerful yet human manner.

Join us in celebrating the 35th anniversary, and take time to discover all benefits Lovinklaan has to offer. The foundation provides opportunities for employees that range from a shareholding program to participation in global innovation, community service, and employee exchange programs.

Highlighting impressive milestones achieved by Lovinklaan, its programs
  • Have enabled about 700 Arcadians (about 2-3 people each week) to go on a Quest exchange since 2008
  • Connects 100+ employees from more than 25 countries through the Global Shapers program yearly
  • Financially supports the UN-Habitat and Arcadis partnership that have completed more than 90 Shelter missions since 2010
  • Invested as part of the Satellite & Imagine program for more than € 900,000 in 80 innovative ideas generated by Arcadians since 2010
  • Enable more than 3,750 employees from 15 countries to become shareholders of Arcadis through the Global Share Plan


“This gives you an idea of some impressive Lovinklaan achievements during the past decades, but we like to encourage each Arcadian to benefit from the employee programs in the upcoming years as well”, says Lovinklaan chairman Todd Bechtel.



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