Lovinklaan Board Update 2023

09 February 2023

We have already kickstarted 2023 with a few changes to our Board. A very warm welcome to Sophie
Plantinga, who joined the team in January. The board will now be led by Nora Taylor as Chair, Zakiya Seymour as Secretary, and Marco Foo as Treasurer. Our heartiest congratulations to everyone on their new roles!  

Sophie Plantinga has been serving Arcadis for seventeen years and is currently Manager Program & Project Management. With over twenty-six years of experience in management, and as a manager of starting as well as highly experienced and qualified professionals, Sophie likes to create win-win situations for Arcadis and Arcadians so they can enjoy and expand their career. As a board member, Sophie will join the Communication team and the Imagine program. 

A big thank you to Cecile Cluitmans for having served as a valuable board member for the past six years, two of those being Chair. We remain indebted to Cecile for her dedication, passion and all the contributions she has made to the Lovinklaan Foundation.  

Previously, we had asked all our Board members to share what a typical day in their life looks like. These passionate multitaskers, who often work across several time zones, truly inspired us with stories of their diverse backgrounds, rich work experience and interesting outlook towards Lovinklaan and life. Click on the links below to read them yourself!