Last November, Nicolas Roe of Arcadis Australia went on a Shelter mission with UN-Habitat to Cambodia, as a follow-up of a mission in October 2018.

The project’s main objective was to enhance climate change adaptation, and resilience of the most vulnerable coastal human settlements of Cambodia, through concrete adaptation actions, particularly in areas where ecotourism has the potential to sustain such interventions.

A proposal for the Climate Adaptation Fund had to be modified to account for changes in site constraints and to address the Adaptation Fund’s key concerns. Core Adaptation Fund concerns revolved around the excavation and subsequent use of dredged material. We were able to successfully develop a robust proposal for which the UN-Habitat could seek funding. We achieved this by reducing investments associated with dredging or investments that could potentially get affected by the infrastructure projects planned by the government. Besides reducing, we also boosted investments in mangrove replantation and dam rehabilitation.

The reshaped proposal was submitted by UN-Habitat to the Cambodian government and the Climate Adaptation Fund.

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