Why not invest your money, rather than saving it in the bank?

08 marzo 2017

You might be suprised to read this message right now, but from 2017 onwards, Arcadians have the opportunity to step in the Global Share Plan (GSP) four times a year! Did you miss the chance to enroll in December? Now you can buy Arcadis shares at a discounted price in March!

Managed by Lovinklaan Foundation, the GSP is an employee share purchase plan. By joining the GSP, you enjoy a 20% gross discount on your Arcadis shares compared to the market price. The Arcadis share price is low at the moment, giving you the opportunity to buy your shares at a great price. As a co-shareholder of Arcadis, you increase your involvement in the company.

In 2017, you are can enroll to the GSP between these periods:

  • 1 March to 23 March
  • 1 June to 23 June
  • 1 September to 23 September
  • 1 December to 23 December

The enrollment process is simple and easy – just fill out the online enrollment form before Wednesday 8 March. More information can be found on the .

Already part of the GSP? You can also purchase additional shares, or change your monthly deduction, until Thursday 23 March. You can do this in EquatePlus.