The winners of the IMAGINE Awards for 2018 are selected!

18 junio 2018

The Imagine Awards, sponsored by the Lovinklaan Foundation, recognize the most innovative ideas each year. From the short list of the top 10 Imagine submittals, the Top 3 winners of the 2018 IMAGINE  Awards have been selected by the  Imagine Jury consisting of Peter Oosterveer, CEO of Arcadis NV, Todd Bechtel, Chairman of the Lovinklaan Foundation, and other members of Arcadis leadership located throughout the world.

What were we looking for?

We were looking for ideas that represent an innovative solution or a service that has been developed or tested in the last 12 months, as well as ideas that fit the Arcadis strategy, have tangible market potential, and are supported by an enthusiastic group of people.

Amazing submissions this year!

The IMAGINE Awards celebrate the 10th year of inception. As in previous years, Arcadians were very enthusiastic as shown by the high quality, detailed submittals.  This year, submittals were solicited through the Global Solutions teams, which produced nearly 60 competitive and innovative submissions encompassing innovation from all Global Solutions groups and from colleagues from all regions including GEC.

Peter Oosterveer: “I was impressed by the content of the submissions. Thank you to all those who took the time and effort to submit their ideas. Once again IMAGINE demonstrated the innovative spirit of our people across the globe. Some of the ideas had significant market potential and we could clearly see how these would add value to our clients’ outcomes. We made our selection of the winners based on their powerful submissions.”

Todd Bechtel: “Lovinklaan believes, as major shareholder of Arcadis, that we can only succeed in the decade ahead, if we focus on innovation. We also believe that our people are our greatest asset of our organization. All Arcadians who submitted ideas for IMAGINE have proven this. Their ideas were surprisingly original and showed there are innovative ways of doing things better, faster or smarter within Arcadis.”

And the winners are…

During the Arcadis Global Leadership Forum (AGLF) Award night on 21 June, the leadership of Arcadis will publicly announce the 3 winners and will take time to focus on these innovations that can make a positive change within Arcadis and society.

The winners have received a special invitation to join and celebrate (with two members per winning team) during this AGLF Award dinner night.

So stay tuned after AGLF to find out more about these amazing winners…