Shelter mission Nepal 2016 very successful


From 15 to 23 November 2016, we organized a Shelter mission to Bungamati in Nepal. Bungamati was in need for a mobility plan and a disaster response plan after the most recent earthquakes, which we were eager to provide.

On day 1, the team first got some impressions of the site that needed rebuilding. Everyone was very moved by the damage that was done there, which made them want to help the locals even more.

On day 2, the team met with the local community in the afternoon, so they had time for preparations in the morning. Everyone was focused on putting the outcomes of two studies in practice to be able to make great contributions to the rebuilding of Bungamati. After lunch, the local community talked to the team about their experiences, wants and needs. This way, the team would be better suited to adapt their plan to the locals, so their lives would really be improved by the Shelter

After talking to the locals, the idea for day 3 was to ‘divide and conquer’. The Mobility Team decided to stay at the UN office to prepare the fieldday tomorrow, while the Disaster Risk Reduction Team went back to Bungamati to check for additional needs of the people there, and visit one of the local families. It was very impressive to see how their lives were impacted by the earth quakes.

On day 4 and 5, it was time for the mobility team to test their ideas in reality. Meanwhile, the other team worked on the concepts of disaster risk reduction. The meetings with stakeholders also took place, and it turned out they were all very confident that the plans for the rebuilding of Bungamati would

The last two days of the mission focused completely on finalizing the plans. All the mapping and drawing was finished up, and the plans were presented to the UN-Habitat, the government and the local community. Everyone was very enthusiastic about it, so the volunteers could return home satisfied.



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