Become an Arcadis shareholder via the Global Share Plan

24 mayo 2018

You once again have the opportunity to join the (GSP)! Managed by Lovinklaan Foundation, this share purchase plan enables you to buy Arcadis shares at a discount, to become more involved in Arcadis, as well as granting you the chance to vote during next years’ annual general shareholder meeting.

Global Share Plan

The Global Share Plan is an employee share plan offering the following benefits and conditions that are equal for all Arcadians in any participating country:

  • You enjoy a 20% gross discount on your Arcadis shares compared to the market price
  • You can contribute any amount between your local equivalent of 25 and 400 euros per month to purchase Arcadis shares
  • You receive a dividend, ranging between 30-40% of Arcadis net income from operations
  • You can join the GSP and change your monthly deduction four times a year
  • You can leave the GSP four times a year
  • You are able to (virtually) vote during the Arcadis Annual General Shareholder Meeting

Do you want to learn more? This Global Share Plan video explains the key benefits of the plan and the Lovinklaan website provides more details about the GSP.

Are you ready to participate? Pre-enroll by filling out the  . Once you have received your login details, make sure you finalize your registration between June 1st and June 23rd, 2018.

Already participating? Remember that you have the opportunity to subscribe for additional shares or change your monthly contribution between the 1stand 23rd of June 2018 as well. It’s easy to arrange via your Equatex account.

We would encourage you to further explore this opportunity!