Quarterly Board Update: Board member Nick Bellew on the quarterly board meeting in São Paulo

12 diciembre 2019

The board of the Lovinklaan Foundation meets every quarter to discuss program developments and strategy. After the meeting one of the board members updates you on the outcomes. This time, it’s board member Nick Bellew who shares his thoughts on the gathering held in São Paulo in November. Nick is also the CFO for the United Kingdom and Ireland Business.

“It was great for the board to be in São Paulo. Our colleagues were really interested in the Lovinklaan Foundation and its activities, and we saw and experienced the enormous potential and passion of the Arcadis Business in Brazil.

Unfortunately, due to my appointment of CFO I will be completing my term at the end of December 2019 and handing over the baton to a new board member. As my time as a board member comes to an end, I will look back fondly on a period that has brought me many great things and leaves me with wonderful memories. Being a part of the Lovinklaan Board really made me understand what Arcadis is about, what drives us as Arcadians, and how we are all aiming for the same goal; to improve quality of life. To witness that firsthand across so many regions and offices has been very special.

I want to thank all the board members and fellow Arcadians for making this time as a board member so interesting and rewarding.”

The foundation also conducted a deep dive into the different programs we support. We identified strengths and areas of improvement, and also identified future needs. We will continue this discussion during the Board Meeting in Q1 2020 internally and with the Arcadis leadership team.

Diversity & Inclusion
We also used our time to put diversity & inclusion (D&I) aspirations for the Lovinklaan Foundation in place as D&I is part of our core values. We believe that the Foundation as well as the employees of Arcadis benefit from the variety of skills, experiences, and backgrounds which reflects the diversity of the Arcadis business. This accounts both for our board composition as well as our programs. We actively encourage Arcadis to uphold its D&I aspirations.

Board updates
We are very grateful to have selected a new board member to succeed Nick Bellew, who has recently been appointed to UK CFO. After a round of exceptional nominations and very strong candidates, we’ve selected Nora Taylor from the UK/EMU region, who will be appointed in January 2020. We were very impressed by her passion for Arcadis, and her desire to be part of Lovinklaan.

We also re-appointed Nick’s treasury role to Gordon Baxendale, after four years of amazing work.







The Lovinklaan Foundation – the largest shareholder in Arcadis – is led by employees of Arcadis. The board currently consists of seven Arcadians from different divisions and countries around the globe. They balance their day-to-day workload with their responsibilities for the Foundation; contributing to the continuity of the enterprise and helping Arcadians grow and reach their full potential. In addition to work on Foundation programs and communications by e-mail and multiple Skype calls, the board meets face-to-face each quarter to discuss developments, make strategic decisions and meet local participants.