Shelter Updates – Mission to Cambodia and Workshop in Beijing

In this article we explain more about the Shelter program, their workshops, missions and other initiatives. Shelter is one of the employee programs funded by the Lovinklaan Foundation, we support Arcadians that go on missions. Since 2010 an impressive number of more than 100 technical support missions have been completed in Asia, Africa and Middle/South-America. The program is a partnership between Arcadis, and UN-Habitat aimed at a common goal: to improve the quality of life of citizens in rapidly growing cities around the world.

In February this year the Shelter program organized a workshop in Beijing to provide information to those interested in the program, and hosted an expert meeting in Sydney to present the Climate Adaptation project mission in Cambodia and discuss ideas for this project.

Expert meeting on the Shelter Cambodia project in the Sydney office

The Shelter program is supporting a large UN Habitat mission under the Climate Adaptation Fund in Cambodia. In support of the project Nicolas Roe, Senior Structural Engineer at Arcadis Sydney, has organized an expert meeting in the Arcadis Sydney office.

After a presentation on the Cambodia project by Nicolas and an introduction to the Shelter program manager by Bert Smolders, the Sydney staff shared their experience and creative ideas for the Climate Adaptation project based on their expertise on environment, building structure and other relevant issues. The ideas will be used in the next phases of the project while the Australian staff can further engage in the Shelter program missions.

After the expert meeting in Sydney additional expert meetings were held in Melbourne, with Nicolas Roe, and in the Brisbane office with Amanda McGuane, who also joined the mission in Cambodia, and Nicolas Roe.

Beijing Arcadis office hosts Shelter Workshop

An enthusiastic group Arcadians from the Beijing office participated in a workshop in earlier this year. Andrew Chan, Executive Director of the Beijing office and Bert Smolders program manager of Shelter hosted this session. They explained more about the different Shelter program activities and provided information on participation possibilities.

Wen Mei Ha Director Water in China shared an inspirational story about her personal experience of her mission to Nepal. She had the chance to provide support after the earthquake as part of the Shelter program in collaboration with UN Habitat. During this workshop the staff from the Beijing office also discussed the themes of the UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda and developed innovative ideas for Beijing in 2050.


Are you interested in doing a Shelter workshop yourself, or would you like to apply for a Shelter mission? Check out the Shelter website or their Intranet page for more information and to sign up. If you have any questions, reach out to

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