Lovinklaan Board Vlog

The past couple of months have had quite an impact, both on our personal and our professional lives. That is no different for the Lovinklaan board. Normally, they meet in person every quarter to meet with local staff and discuss everything related to Lovinklaan and its programs. However, due to the current global health situation and the regulations set up by both Arcadis and Lovinklaan, the board decided to stay home and organize its meeting virtually to continue their efforts towards the Lovinklaan Foundation. Are you curious to find out how the board experienced these virtual meetings so far, and do you want to get to know them a little better? Watch the vlog below!

All 7 board members, Todd Bechtel, Holly Herner, Gordon Baxendale, Cécile Cluitmans, Marco Foo, Giuliana Netto and Nora Taylor, will give you a sneak peak in what virtual board meetings are like, and what challenges and advantages they have come across so far.

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