Meet our newest Roots of Arcadis Ambassadors!

06 Juni 2019

To generate awareness for the different employee programs and increase involvement for the Lovinklaan Foundation in general, we asked Arcadians to share their stories. We believe that sharing their experiences is the best way to invite you to learn more about the Foundation and its programs. In this post you will learn more about two Lovinklaan ambassadors who participated in the Roots of Arcadis program. Roots of Arcadis is a global platform that crosses business lines of junior staff level.

It enables employees to connect with one another across regions by facilitating monthly activities, such as meetings, lunch sessions, and networking events. In addition, they help Arcadians reach their professional potential by funding site visits, office visits, trainings and conferences that contribute to their own professional development plan.

Name: Alison Schaffer
Country: USA
Current role within Arcadis: Environmental scientist
Participated in: ROA 2015 – present (Co-Founder and member); Global Shapers 2013 (Hong Kong); Shelter 2013 (Rwanda).

How did the Lovinklaan programs contribute to your personal/professional growth?
The Lovinklaan programs have given me a greater understanding and appreciation of how global Arcadis is – I have had the opportunity to connect with our colleagues around the world, learn about the different types of projects we are working on in different countries, and participate in meaningful, global projects both internally and externally. Through this global network, I feel like I am part of something big – a company that can make real change at local, regional, and global levels.

Name: Joel Jude Tadeo
Country: Philippines
Current role within Arcadis: Team Leader | Environmental Sustainability | Arcadis Philippines Inc
Participated in: Roots of Arcadis – Part of the Pilot Team for ROA Philippines.

What is your opinion of your participation in Roots of Arcadis?
ROA empowered me by providing a networking platform which allowed me to participate in other ROA Chapters’ knowledge-sharing events. The program also allowed us, as junior staff, to connect with our senior leaders through casual dialogue over, for example, coffee morning sessions. We were also given a say in where our budget should be spent, what topics we wanted to discuss during our lunch and learning sessions, and what networking events we wanted to organize. This taught me to be proactive and involved!

Name: Shaiba Sarkar
Country: India (GEC)
Current role within Arcadis: Assistant Engineer – Overhead Line Electrification (Rail Systems). I am into Design and Engineering but in addition to the Technical work, I also help in grooming my teammates in communication skills and organize activities as a part of People and Culture initiative within Rail Systems once a month (since 2018).
Participated in: 13 Roots of Arcadis sessions since 2017 till date.

Tell us something about your participation in Lovinklaan and Roots of Arcadis in particular.
All work and no learning would slow down our professional growth, especially when we are trying to climb the ladder in the industry. The Lovinklaan Foundation prevents that by giving us the opportunity to understand our potential in every field. The Roots of Arcadis program meets my training needs and is helping me to grow in the tech-field. The recent inclination towards being digital has resulted in many ROA sessions introducing lots of applications and hacks to use them. Lovinklaan gave me a platform to collaborate with different people and understand their perspective, which is helping me work personally with people from various regions through the Global Shapers (pre-application and application phases) and ROA programs.