The Global Share Plan available to Arcadians in Canada and Australia

23 Januar 2016


As the largest shareholder of Arcadis, Lovinklaan Foundation considers shareholdership of Arcadians important and therefore offers staff the opportunity to buy Arcadis shares at an attractive discount through the Global Share Plan (GSP). By participating in this plan, Arcadians literally obtain a share in the growth, development, profitability and financial success of Arcadis.

As our geographical regions broaden, so does the GSP. This January, the employee share plan was successfully rolled out in Canada. 75% of all Canadian Arcadians attended the roadshows in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto- RichmondHill, Toronto- Mississauga + RTKL-Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Following this, our colleagues in Australia will also get the opportunity to join the Global Share Plan in March.

Interested to know if the Global Share Plan is available in your market? Check out all the GSP information on this website or speak to your local HR department.

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