Global Shapers announced their Spirit Shapers

Global Shapers announced their Spirit Shapers
(and their 2016 generation and location!)

In July, the Global Shapers kicked off with Generation 2016! Not only did they announce the location for the face-to-face meeting (they’re going to Doha in Qatar!), they also announced the most Spirited Shapers. The organization selected 10 Spirit Shapers – one from each region – who had sent in the most extraordinary application.

Congratulations to John Philip Cabañero, Anirban Chaudhury and Rand Alkhatib for being voted the most Spirited Shapers! During the face-to-face meeting in Qatar they will have a get together with Neil McArthur.

The Global Shapers Program, powered by Lovinklaan, provides one hundred young professionals the opportunity to improve Arcadis, create more international connections and share knowledge. Did you already notice the release of the newly branded Global Shapers website? Have a look and learn more about the Global Shapers!


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