Program Launch: Local Sparks

24 September 2019


‘A single spark can start a movement’

Together with KNHM Foundation and Arcadis, Lovinklaan Foundation has launched a new program: Local Sparks! Local Sparks connects 200+ community projects run by Arcadians around the world. Visit the Local Sparks platform to share your stories or get inspiration and information about existing and new community engagement projects within Arcadis. If you’re interested in taking your project further, join the Challenge or Accelerator by uploading your own community engagement project​.

WHY community engagement? 

We are passionate about improving quality of life – be it through our projects, people or clients. We want to see the communities we live, work and play in be more sustainable, livable and resilient. What’s more, our clients too (and their clients) are increasingly looking to work with companies that see this as a priority. ​

What’s Local Sparks all about?

Launched by Lovinklaan Foundation, KNHM Foundation and Arcadis​​, Local Sparks is an umbrella program that puts people first by placing a spotlight on 200+ of Arcadis‘ community projects around the world. Through it, we encourage socially engaged Arcadians (like you) to share their community engagement projects, initiate new ones, and participate in a Challenge or Accelerator program to expand their impact.

This program presents you with a unique opportunity to:

  • Get inspired by some of the great work your colleagues are doing around the globe through community engagement projects
  • Get involved in (local) community projects or start your own!
  • Grow your project and expand its impact through (financial) support. Participate in the:
    • Local Sparks Challenge
    • Local Sparks Accelerator
  • Build partnerships with like-minded Arcadians and advance your career
  • Become part of our Social Impact Movement
Get involved, find your inner spark!
  • Local Sparks Platform​: get inspiration from your colleagues‘ community engagement projects and upload your own, throughout the year, via
  • ​Local Sparks Challenge: application period is open from 16 September 2019 till 26 October 2019.
  • Local Sparks Accelerator: application period is open from 18 November 2019.

Learn more about Local Sparks on Intranet or at